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Confirmed! Child's Play Charity Event! Vertigo Valley Gameathon!

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Vertigo Media Network is proud to announce that the hosts of Vertigo Radio Live are taking part in an upcoming charity gaming event for Child's Play Charity called "The Vertigo Valley Gameathon!"

For 24 hours, starting at 6 AM on May 3rd, Devin Vertigo, Tom Vertigo and various colleagues will be gaming for a great cause! Child's Play Charity provides toys and games to children in over 70 hospitals worldwide and have been operating since 2003. 100% of all donations made will go straight to Child's Play.

We will be playing games including the entire Punch Out! series, Castle Crashers, Worms: Revolution and more! Join us (again, May 3rd at 8 AM to 8 AM on May 4th) for the Vertigo Valley Gameathon! We hope to see you then!


SPECIAL NOTE: If we raise $4000, the hosts will shave their heads and beards!




MID DAY (2-10)

EVENING (10-2)

Devin Learns DayZ with Tom!


Child's Play Donation Page Here

Child's Play Donation Widget

Mario Marathon #5!: June 22nd, 2012!

As with every year, Vertigo Media Network supports Child's Play Charity, and Mario Marathon! Watch it! Starting 11 AM EST, Friday June 22nd!

Elgato Game Capture Test - WWE '13 - The Thundering Wonder Boy Meets World Years

Devin Vertigo tests out his Elgato Game Capture HD through XSplit using WWE 13 as the game to test. He discusses his youth, love for Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, Frankie, and more! Tomorrow, God of War: Ascension unboxing and possibly gameplay footage!

Introduction music used with permission from the band I Curse The Day. Song title is "Intro" off the album Check them out at MySpace or Facebook!

Disclaimer: WWE '13 can be purchases online or at most retail stores and the official website of said game is If you like what you see please support the creators and purchase the game! Content meant for educational and informational purposes, and because the game is just that awesome!

Vertigo Radio Live #109: Its Cold Outside


Vertigo Radio #109 starred Devin Vertigo, Tom Vertigo and.  Check out Vertigo Radio Live #109: Its Cold Outside!

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