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Vertigo Radio Live #74: Sleeping in the BeanPod

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Created on Wednesday, 15 December 2010 Published Date Written by Devin Vertigo

Art created by Christina Dufour

Vertigo Radio Live came to you this week with a full cast and wacky ideas! From Power Armor to the infamous "Butt Drag', Vertigo Valley had one of the strangest shows in recent history. They also discussed the hypocrisy of piracy and their wonderment over the e-book market as well as the late breaking development that the always anti-Apple Devin Vertigo actually purchased, an iPod. Could it be that he slept too close to the BeanPod?! Check this out in Vertigo Radio Live #74: Sleeping in the BeanPod!

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News Links for the Week of December 19th, 2010 
EFF Victory News

Robot Health News
Pirating News
Cloud Fear News

Net Rationing News
Pirate Hypocrisy News

Quick Hits and Discussion
Butt Grab?!

Positive Mood = Creativity?
Fear Books, for They Will Become, REAL!

Song of The Show
Porn on Beta - Psychotic Christmas Angel

Misc Stuff

Gothic Maine/Child's Play Update
Tom's Computer Update
Christmas Junk

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