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Vertigo Radio Live: Best of 2009

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Created on Tuesday, 29 December 2009 Published Date Written by Devin Vertigo

Vertigo Radio Live came to you this evening with its Best of 2009 show! Highlighted are some of the best bits that the show produced over the year of 2009, including music, talk, and much more. On the panel this evening was Devin Vertigo, The Amazing Ty, and Big Bad Bucky, with a special message from the AWOL Tom Vertigo.


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Best of 2009 List!

1. Antidepressant Rant (Episode 7)
2. Advice from an old Man to A Young Man (Episodes 6+7)

3. Recap (Episode 2)
4. They Blew Up The Moon! (Episode 22)
5. Outro Number 2 by Tom Vertigo
6. Stealing The Laws News (Episode 27)

Honorable Mention: Xbox Bans Homosexual, then Apologizes

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